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Testimonial : Eric Fernet, STOR (Reunion Island)

"We decided to change software because some features were no longer liveable for us. We then turned to Adjusto and we immediately adopted this change.

We have been using Adjusto for a month now and have seen results within the first few hours.

The most obvious benefit is the time savings: no more double entry and all the information we need is gathered in the same platform.

As we are located in Reunion Island, our biggest concern was the lead time, but a new feature has been created that allows us to track orders directly online, which has changed our life.

The Adjusto team listens to our requests and updates are made frequently, which gives a high added value to the software.

Adjusto is a superb product that combines company management and GSX management, I recommend it 200%. "

Eric Fernet, STOR SAV

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