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Service Management Software: Benefits of GSX API Integration

Are you considering purchasing a service management software for your repair center? Did you know that there is a tool specially designed for AASPs? With Apple's APIs built in, it gives you direct access to GSX, without having to go to the site. Take advantage of the power of Apple's APIs, optimize your operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction, profitability and time saving are some of the challenges that Apple repair centers face on a daily basis. However, rushing is often counterproductive and can impact the quality of customer care.

75% of negative experiences have nothing to do with the product. But with everything around it. (source)

It goes without saying that customer satisfaction is a key element in the performance of a repair center. To ensure profitability, but also sustainability, it is in the best interest of the repair center to optimize its customer service. Investing in service management software with Apple APIs will save you time without having to cut back on customer service.

Apple's APIs

An API, or Application Programming Interface, allows two applications to communicate with each other. It makes the data or functionality of one application available for others to use. It allows existing software to be used without having to redevelop it. This provides more flexibility, simplifies design and saves considerable time and money.

It is possible to retrieve customer information and purchase history from GSX from a service management software. How can this be done? By using Apple's APIs. With these, and from a single platform, you can automate the management of all your repairs.

Benefits of GSX APIs for Service Management

Saving time

The time needed to create a repair is reduced from an average of 5 to 10 minutes to just 1 second. All the administrative aspects of a repair (downloading labels, declaring the end of the repair, closing the file, returning the parts, etc.) now take less than 10 seconds, whereas it used to take you a good 20 minutes.

In a center doing 350 repairs per month, it saves 160 hours in administration. This corresponds to one full-time equivalent.

Avoiding double entry

If you have entered all your customer information into your service software, you will have to do it again into GSX. A service management software that features Apple's APIs allows you to avoid this double entry. If in GSX you have to fill in manually around twenty fields, a software program such as Adjusto does this for you in just one click. In addition, you minimize the risk of errors by automating everything that can be automated.

Combine repairs and invoicing

Invoicing is probably not one of the tasks that people prefer. It is often left for the end of the day. With a management software that integrates billing, repairs and GSX APIs, you can retrieve valuable customer information. Consolidating Apple product repairs and billing into one centralized platform not only improves customer care, but also saves your precious time. It also makes it easier for technicians, managers, and salespeople to do their jobs.

Track repairs more efficiently

You now have a better view as regards tracking Apple repairs. For example, you can notify your customers at every stage of the repair process, using automatic SMS. You can ensure better support and have real-time access to all the information you need. Diagnosis or warranty verification has never been easier or faster.


The GSX APIs offer a range of possibilities and a multitude of benefits for technicians, managers and sales people alike. Integrating Apple's APIs into service management software will save considerable time, improve customer care and optimize workflows. In an industry where customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for profitability, choosing a centralized platform, like Adjusto, is a smart investment!


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Hello, I recently heard about GXS APPI, can you please tell me how to connect it to the system? I really need it now, so I would appreciate it if you can do it! Also, there's an article about ways to record screen on mac, maybe that will help you save time in recording videos.

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