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Adjusto offers very regular updates for small improvements and adaptations, we will list here only the big updates that include new features.

1.7 - Released on Nov. 07 2022

New features

  • MacOS Ventura support

  • Viewing the history of GSX returns

  • Download ProForma for GSX returns

  • Save a repair in GSX for later

  • Transfer stock between depots

  • Duplicate customer alert

  • New pictograms to identify a repair

  • Option to automatically add the labor associated with a GSX part

  • Quick change of location without re-entering the password

  • Simplified invoice template for Switzerland

  • Creation of articles with VAT

  • Possibility to select other attachments when sending emails

  • Rejected quote now keeps the unit price of the rejected line

  • Reformatting of the serial number during the GSX verification

  • Replace IMEI by serial number to keep history

  • Print IMEI on repair documents

  • Print serial number and configuration on invoices


  • Correction invoice batch download

  • Sorting of internal comments

  • Correction of printing with external reference

1.6 - Released on May 23 2022

New features

  • Registration of GSX returns

  • Automatic printing of the packing list

  • Management of GSX repair classification (Direct and Indirect)


  • Addition of the serial number on the invoices

  • Added management of long descriptions on invoices and sales quotes when printing

  • Improvement of the items list for a better visibility

  • Improve stock visibility


  • Fixed a problem with some TimeZone

  • Fixed a problem with the applied discount

1.5 - Released on Apr. 20 2022

New features

  • Intangible part management 

  • Add repair refused by Apple alerts

  • Upload multiple documents

  • Print the stock valuation

  • Creation and verification of GSX repair in draft mode

  • Add alerts when a repair is not closed in GSX 

  • Option to not print documents automatically

  • QRCode on PDF documents

  • Multiple reservations in stock

  • Add multiple contact emails

  • Management of bulk emailing

  • Add GSX repair history for a serial number


  • Various bug fixes

  • Improve print documents

  • Improve discount management

  • Improve status change of purchasing documents

1.4 - Released on Oct. 11 2021

New features

  • Complete inventory management 

  • Automatic stock control

  • Inservio support for sending SMS

  • Add colors for status

  • Improvement of the management of the reserved parts

  • Add shortcuts for navigation in the interface

  • Strict and non-strict stock management

  • Search by model


  • Many improvements

  • Fix issue with SMTP

1.3 - Released on May 21 2021 - UNIVERSAL APP

New features

  • Universal APP (Intel and Apple Silicon)

  • Filter to search for parts compatible only with Mail-In repair

  • Option to manage a part in stock or not

  • Add a link to repair invoice

  • Add information to substitute parts

  • Add Repair Ready for Pickup statistics

  • Search by GSX reference or external reference


  • Many improvements and bugs fixes

1.2 - Released on Mar. 25 2021

New features

  • UPS/DHL tracking of parts

  • Display of the shipping status of Apple parts

  • Display of the price charged by GSX

  • Display of the return status expected by Apple

  • Print the GSX repair document

  • Sort the repair list by duration in the current status

  • New shortcut to insert the current timestamp in diagnostic/resolution fields


  • Improved automatic serialized stock entry

1.1 - Released on Mar. 18 2021

New features

  • Change the customer of a repair/order

  • Origin of a repair (customizable list), displayed on reports

  • Customizable list of general conditions

  • Keep track of the supplier reference while converting a purchase document

  • Auto-fill of technician related fields

  • Custom interval for exports


  • Improvement of the address selector

  • Discount is now printed correctly on documents

  • Unlocking a sales document was causing a duplicate stock entry

  • The default server timezone is now correct

  • Improved the display of rejected quote lines on reports

1.0.2 - Released on Mar. 10 2021

New features

  • Initiate an AST diagnostic directly from the repair form

  • Display Apple history directly from the repair form

  • Added several merge fields to SMS/email templates

  • Current status duration displayed in list view

  • Auto-completion of symptom codes and error codes

  • Added the store localization to daily reports

  • Payments printed on repair report


1.0 - Released on Mar. 3 2021 - MAJOR

New features

  • New module: 3rd party purchase

  • Transition to GSX v2 (for all GSX available APIs)

  • iOS/mac statistics split

  • Get client information from GSX

  • Canadian double tax system support

  • New merge field in the SMS/email templates: technician name

  • Technician name on repair reports

  • Duplicate a sales document

  • Change sales document type

  • GSX date based on RFQ approval

  • Support of .zip for attachments


  • Multiple fixes and optimizations

0.9.35 - Released on Nov. 25 2020

New features

  • New badge when a device returns within 30 days

  • Accounting: added a Due column to the invoice/invoice lines export


  • Solved an issue that made some GSX creations fail in Switzerland

  • Minor fixes

0.9.34 - Released on Nov. 19 2020

New features

  • Accounting: export invoices

  • Accounting: export invoice lines

  • Accounting: export customers

  • Accounting: export items

  • Device password available from the diagnostic interface

0.9.33 - Released on Nov. 17 2020

New features

  • macOS Big Sur compatibility

  • Export open repairs

  • Export closed repairs

  • Sale price on Dymo labels

0.9.32 - Released on Nov. 5 2020

New features

  • New GSX option: part required for repair

  • Customizable list of backups

  • Updated the internal data encryption algorithm

0.9.31 - Released on Oct. 22 2020

New features

  • Customizable automation of symptoms, diagnostic and resolution

  • Improved UX for serialized stock reservation

  • Improved Proof of purchase selection process

  • Display of customer law document even if a diagnostic is displayed on the device


  • Quantity format on printouts

0.9.30 - Released on Oct. 20 2020

New features

  • Automatic serialization of stock entries

  • Printouts of serial number on Dymo printers

  • Reserve stock by serial number


  • Minor fixes

0.9.29 - Released on Oct. 16 2020 - MAJOR

New features

  • GSX: Carry-In Return Before Replace

  • GSX: Carry-In Non-Replenishment

  • GSX: Service Non-Repair

  • GSX: Whole Unit Mail-In Return to Customer

  • GSX: Whole Unit Mail-In Return to Service Location

  • GSX: Add a part from the consignment to a repair

  • GSX: KGB mismatch reason code

  • GSX: Append a suffix to the repair number to send to Apple

  • Autocompletion of addresses

  • Prevent entry of a new repair if some mandatory customer information is missing

  • Indication that an item was rejected by customer on printouts/PDF


  • Minor fixes

0.9.25 - Released on Sept. 30 2020

New features

  • Grand total in invoice report

  • New 'backup' status: 'Important data, do not erase'

  • Prices can now be keyed in with or without tax and the other field is calculated (was 1 way only)

  • Localization of error codes and symptom codes sent by Apple

  • Display of the estimated purchase date on repairs


  • The display of the password field was truncated with very long passwords

  • Fixed the Swiss cantons handling in addresses

  • On some Retina macs, Adjusto wouldn't launch properly

0.9.24 - Released on Sept. 25 2020

New features

  • Client's e-mail can be used (tag) in e-mail and text message templates

  • New general state option: "To be checked"


  • Optimized UI updating

  • Fixed an e-mail encoding issue

0.9.23 - Released on Sept. 22 2020

New features

  • Tech ID is selected by default when a repair is created

  • History of all e-mail and text messages (SMS) activity


  • Fixed the display of 'Express' and 'Important' listings

0.9.22 - Released on Sept. 11 2020

New features

  • A repair can be tagged as "Express", which you can decide to charge

  • A repair can be tagged as "Prioritary"


  • Fixed an issue when a communication between technicians is updated

0.9.21 - Released on Sept. 10 2020

New features

  • Estimated purchase date now visible in the serial number check window

  • Manually select date range for statistics and reports


  • Improved the navigation through a customer's repairs

  • Fixed serial numbers formatting

  • Fixed an issue on printouts with some item descriptions (overlapping)

0.9.20 - Released on Sept. 9 2020

New features

  • New payments report by date range

  • New invoice report by date range


  • Minor fixes

0.9.19 - Released on Sept. 8 2020

New features

  • Optionally be in Cc of all e-mails

  • Optionally lock the price of a part to prevent update when the purchase price is updated

  • Added product information to the quote

  • Added the diagnosis to the quote


  • Add part button had an issue

  • Minor fixes

0.9.18 - Released on Sept. 3 2020

New features

  • Optionally prevent close if a amount is due

  • Customizable list of stock locations

  • GestioTech users can now retrieve their repair history while switching to Adjusto

  • Dropdown list to manually select a status

  • Labor code is now displayed with parts

  • Technician's surname first letter is now displayed. (John D. instead of John)

  • Define up to 10 brand taxes levels (formerly 5)

  • New Avery formats supported

  • Save Dymo label format

  • Automatic printing of deposit document

  • Go to repair directly from a notification


  • Localization

  • Amount display fixed in SMS/e-mail templates

  • Improved experience while typing an e-mail

  • Fixed the credit note lay-out.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented e-mail sending with Office 365 smtp server

  • Improved automatic update of GSX parts prices.

  • Lots of small fixes and improvements.

0.9.10 - Released on Jul. 31 2020

New features

  • List of payments on invoice printout.

  • Download an open attachements linked to a repair.


  • General conditions would not print on archived documents

  • Price of items with a long description would not display after a search

  • The Invoice button wasn't visible anymore if the repair amount was zero.

0.9.9 - Relaesed on Jul. 29 2020


  • Fixed the display of "Invoice" button

  • Added the repair number to printouts

0.9.8 - Released on Jul. 28 2020

New features

  • GSX: Supports Apple's Questions & Answers through GSX API.

  • Automatic printout when a file is closed.

  • Alert if an invoiced is mark as closed without payment.

  • Prevent billing from another service center.

  • When a quote is rejected by customer, all lines can be marked as rejected at once.

  • A payment related to a repair is now automatically linked to the invoice.

  • A payment related to an invoice is linked to the repair, if any.


  • Improved visibility of the user name in diagnostics

  • GSX:  actions localization

  • Fixed an issue where after some time, the GSX popup would reload unexpectedly.

0.9.7 - Released on Jul. 23 2020

New features

  • Invoice numbering can now be per ship to (each individual center has its sequence) or per sold to (shared numbering sequence).

  • Indicate location of parts to improve warehouse management.

  • Items sorted by family.


  • fixed an error that occurred while creating a repair with some TechID.

0.9.6 - Released on Jul. 22 2020

New features

  • GSX information popup window directly on repair interface.

  • update of serial number information from the GSX information popup window.

  • copy Apple's confirmation number (GXXXXXXX).

  • end of warranty printed on documents.

  • warranty coverage status of parts printed on documents.

  • printed documents: frame to indicate the signature area.

  • new under warranty status for repair lines, selected by default if the device is under warranty.​


  • if there is a repair note, Apple verification is not requested automatically anymore.

  • in some circumstances, searching a GSX part could cause the app to crash.

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