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Apple Authorized Service Centre: how to choose your service management software?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Are you used to work with a lot of different software every day? Are you encoding your repairs in GSX, using a CRM to manage your sales... And maybe working on top with a third billing tool? Do you know that if you adopt a single service management software, suitable to an Apple repair center, you will have a strategic impact on your business.

The management of an Apple repair center brings its share of daily frustrations: considerable loss of administrative time, double or triple data entries, encoding errors, unsynchronized software, lack of customer history, etc. It happens especially when you use different tools that have not been correctly designed for repair centers.

Managing your customer service in an optimized way is a business enabler that supports growth and excellence. Furthermore, investing in a tool adapted to Apple’s customer service contributes to performance. So now that you are ready to take the plunge and invest in a software, you must choose the best one for your business? Here are our 6 selection criteria.

1. Easy to use

Your software is suitable for both the sales and technical team. Everyone must be able to use and master the basics of the software in a simple and fast way. This is certainly true if you are not used to data entry. Is the interface ergonomic? Is the main information highlighted? Is it easy to create a repair? What about inventory management, supplier orders and invoices?

2. Designed for the customer service flow

Is the software suitable for your job? Not all Apple Authorized Service Provider work the same way. For example, the person who notifies the client may be different from the one who welcomed them first. It may still be another employee who orders the parts or sends the quote. As a user, you don’t have to adapt your way of working to the tool, it’s the tool that must be adapted to your specific needs.

3. Optimizes customer satisfaction

Your service management software must provide features that allow you to follow-up customer activity efficiently and to improve customer satisfaction. Does it have a history of orders and repairs? Does it trace the customer journey in your store? For example, it must integrate the SMS feature to inform your customer during the different steps of its repair. It can also include other smart features to identify if a repair takes longer, if there is a delay in parts orders and so on. The software can even integrate a data entry manual to assist the technician. The objective is to focus on important information not to be forgotten: password, data backups, turn-off location tracking, pre-quote...

4. Integrates Apple's APIs

When working in an Apple repair center, this need is essential. If you opt for a generic software, such as CRM or all-in-one cashier software, you risk losing a lot of time, which will considerably impact your service excellence.

5. Includes invoicing, stock and supplier management

Managing billing is not necessarily the most pleasant part of the daily job. And it is usually done in a separate software that lacks customer data like order history and repairs. To save valuable time, check if the software includes invoicing, but also stock management and supplier orders. You will maintain consistency and have a centralized follow-up of the customer, but also you will avoid encoding errors and possible omissions.

6. Optimized for Apple, but not only that...

An Apple Authorized Center also repairs Apple products that are no longer under warranty. As a consequence, they sometimes have to order parts elsewhere than from Apple. If your software is optimized by Apple and is compatible with other manufacturers, that’s a killer feature!


Have you already analyzed how much time you spend on customer support including ordering parts, making quotation and invoices? Do you sometimes forget to ask for essential information which delays the repair process? We analyzed the number of hours spent on administration in a center that makes 350 repairs per month. Result: 160 hours lost in tasks that could be automated thanks to a software fully tailored for a service center.

After installing Adjusto, in addition to saving a considerable time, all users observed a growth in their score excellence. It is definitely a modest investment that brings both better remuneration and superior customer satisfaction!


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