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TeckFx Montreal: From Lightspeed to Adjusto

TeckFx, a Montreal-based Apple Authorized Service Center, was looking for a software to track repairs, including Apple GSX. Having used Lightspeed's cash register software for many years, Jimmy Helynck turned to Adjusto to manage his business.

TeckFX Montreal

The challenges

Like many Apple Authorized Service Centers that have chosen Lightspeed, Jimmy Helynck found himself in a bind when the GSX integration was abandoned. "A Lightspeed repair took me 10 to 15 minutes. I had to enter the information on it and then go to the Apple website to re-enter the same information. I couldn't keep a software where I had to do everything twice".

Both manager and technician, Jimmy Helynck manages his center from A to Z. Customer service, taking care of repairs, business meetings or meetings with Apple... Time management is an essential part of everyday life. "Wherever I can save time, I will try to find it," explains Jimmy Helynck.

Goodbye Lightspeed, Hello Adjusto

After a lot of research and comparison, Jimmy discovered Adjusto. During the software demonstration, he said he had a 'crush'. "I am a person who likes beautiful things. It was like a crush when Yann gave me the Demo. I particularly liked the design, it's much more pleasant to work on a software like that" he adds.

In March 2021, he decided to abandon Lightspeed and went straight to Adjusto. Since it was already configured ahead of time, he was able to import his customer database and make some additional customizations for automated SMS and emails. "As soon as I got Adjusto, I closed Lightspeed and never opened it again. It was right out of the box. It's very easy to set up and use," says Jimmy.

The benefits

Incredible time savings

TeckFx has seen repair times cut by a factor of three with Adjusto: "It doesn't even take me five minutes to create a repair. It has been an incredible time saver. With COVID, customers really need their machines up and running quickly. Sometimes it is required for yesterday (laughs). Getting their machines back to them as quickly as possible is a real challenge," says Jimmy Helynck.

Better customer satisfaction

Communication with customers is an important aspect for an Apple repair center. With Adjusto built-in automated messaging, TeckFx quickly informs its customers via SMS and email about the status of the repair: ordering and delivery of parts, beginning and ending of the repair... "Customers love the automated text messaging feature and they like the follow-up we offer them".

Valuable help in tracking repairs

As a multi-tasker, Jimmy Helynck needs an accurate overview of his entire business and all repairs. Adjusto allows him to optimize his daily operational management. "Adjusto has also helped me a lot in the follow-up of repairs. To see where shipping of parts is at present. Which repairs are in progress, which ones are awaiting parts, which diagnostics..."

Generation of quotes and invoices in 3 clicks

In the context of managing an Apple repair center, the administrative side of things is often a source of frustration and wasted time. The quotation and invoicing modules of cash register software are often not very intuitive and are generally not suitable for authorized centers. "Before, with Lightspeed, I never used the quotation system. Now I use Adjusto’s quotes a lot. It's so simple to make a quote and send it to the customer. You can configure emails templates. Once it's set up, it's done in 3 clicks. And it's the same for invoicing," says the manager of TeckFx.

Responsive support

Whether it is about developing features or providing assistance to users, customer support is a driver of customer satisfaction. "The most important thing is to have a good after-sales service. Whenever I submit a request, I receive a response the same day or the next. That's pretty amazing. This was not the case with Lightspeed. I try to find faults with Adjusto, but there really aren't any," says Jimmy Helynck.


Discover Adjusto, the essential tool for all GSX users and Apple Authorized Service Centers

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