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Adjusto : “One Software to Rule Them All”

For several years, I was a technician and then manager of an Apple service center. I was probably confronted with the same problems you are currently experiencing. Efficiency and customer service are the key words of the job.

Unfortunately, I was wasting a lot of time on administrative tasks that could have been easily optimized. I wanted to find an efficient way to make my life easier and that of my employees, while increasing customer satisfaction.

I then created a unique software that brings together all the functionalities that a service center needs: GSX repairs and a CRM. This tool allowed me to optimize my center and to be in the top of the best after sales service in France! Later on, I joined 1-more-thing and together we improved and professionalized Adjusto. A complete tool to optimize your center, improve your excellence score and, consequently, your profitability.

In terms of business, Adjusto will allow you to :

  • Manage all your work in one place: rationalize the number of software programs used by creating and managing all your GSX repairs, as well as your administrative tasks: quotes, invoices, stocks, supplier purchases...

  • Improve your efficiency, your excellence score and therefore your profitability: streamline your internal organization and your daily processes.

  • Keep your customers informed of the progress of their product repair: optimize the customer experience by maintaining contact by e-mail and/or sms.

  • Evaluate your center at a glance and make informed decisions: quickly see how your staff is doing by viewing the number of repairs in progress, closed cases, sales made... thanks to the visual and intuitive dashboard and customized reports.

  • Avoid billing errors: reconcile GSX information with Adjusto data and stop losing money.

On the technical side:

  • Organize your GSX repairs from A to Z: according to the type of coverage, create diagnoses, order the necessary parts and automate inventory management. Logistics are made easy and human error is eliminated.

  • View customer sales and repair history: access all customer information, even the most accurate, such as rejected quotes.

  • Manage your product sales: enter your own items available for sale in the store.

  • Customize the platform at installation: fully configure Adjusto according to the needs of your service center.

You can't imagine how much time Adjusto will save you. Focus on what matters: your business!

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