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The indispensable tool for GSX users and service centres

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Save over 80% of your time spent on GSX

Improve your Service Excellence score and Service Excellence Multiplier

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Main features

GSX integration

Check warranty status

GSX spare parts

Send AST diagnostics to device

Register AppleCare

Manage all types of GSX repairs

Print return labels

Update KGB/KBB serial number

Service News & Technical process

[Coming soon]:

Apple Calendar integration

KBB returns : Register bulk return


Customer accounts

Multiple store

Text Notifications (SMS)
Instant history
GDPR compliant
Quotes & Invoices
Accounting software integration


GSX repairs

Non GSX repairs

Repairs history

Mark repair as ready for pickup

Mark as complete

Inventory / Stock

Configurable SMS Alerts / Notifications
Print pre-filled Consumer Law document

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Select your plan

Special launch offer

Adjusto was launched on June 23, 2020

Until Dec 31st 2020, commit for 3 years with the Pro plan and get a 20% discount and all features of Enterprise plan when available


Simple CRM

Manage your customers
Edit / Print quotes / invoices
SMS notifications



Service center

All starter features plus:

Multiple store management


GSX integration

Discount for more than 3 stores



All Pro features plus:
Integrate Adjusto in your workflows using our REST API


Bespoke development

With over 15 years of experience of developing custom applications, we can help you build tools that integrate with Adjusto and streamline all aspects of your business processes.

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I manage multiple stores, can Adjusto handle that?

Both customer database and user accounts can be shared across multiple stores (ship to address) within the same organisation, respecting GDPR. Only specific users can access sales information from another store.

Are updates to the App paying?

No, our pricing model is a yearly subscription per store that includes all new features included in your plan.

Will it cost me more if  I have many users?

No. Price is per store (ship to address) only.

Does Adjusto run on Mac & Windows?

Currently Adjusto is only available on the mac, but please get it touch with us if you would be interested in a Windows version.

What kind of app is Adjusto?

Adjusto is not a web application, it consists of a native, lightweight and high-performance macOS application that communicates with with a database sever hosted and managed by us. Your database sever is dedicated, which means your data is physically separated from other Adjusto customers.

Can I import my customer data from my old system?

If you're a GestioTech user, yes, at no charge.
If you're using another system, let's see what you've got. Contact us.

How long will GestioTech be supported?

GestioTech and GestioTech mini will be supported until December 31st 2020. After that, GestioTech mini APIs will cease to work. GestioTech mini will still launch but will not be able to communicate with GestioTech anymore.
GestioTech will keep working if your license is valid but will not be supported anymore.

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About Us

From GestioTech to Adjusto

1-more-thing is a Belgian and French company based in Brussels and Paris, specialized in digital transformation and bespoke software development, as well as Business Intelligence.
In 2018 we hired an amazing developer, Yann Trauchessec, who had a great product, GestioTech, already deployed at a number of Apple repair centres across France, Switzerland and Belgium.
It was good, but not perfect, so we decided to rewrite it from scratch so it's much faster, much easier to use and update, and works seamlessly with new GSX APIs.
You'll never believe how much time Adjusto can buy you.

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